"Right up front, tell people what you're trying to accomplish and what you're
willing to sacrifice to accomplish it."         
 Lee Iacocca          
When you contract with The Pool Doctor to have a repair
completed, we never take a cent until the job is complete
and the pool owner is happy.

We have a large contractors truck, which holds just about
anything we need in order to complete almost any job.

We never charge hourly, and we never nickel and dime you
to death. When we come out to your property and give you
your free estimate, we quote the total dollar amount for that
job including parts and labor.

We carry out repairs in all geographical areas.
We tackle most problems, whether they are small or large, simple or complicated. We listen
to your problem over the telephone, offer free advice, assess and quote, or pay you a visit to
analyze and estimate.

The cost for repairs is obviously dependant upon the job at hand, but many simple
troubleshooting problems are tackled for the cost of a service call.

If you do not find your repair subject listed on this page, go to our
HELP page and search
there. If you need further help please
e-mail me and I will promptly reply.
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