Summer Preparation
Summer preparation along with preventative maintenance is a
very important service that most pool owner/operators overlook.
Spring is the time to get your pool ready for summer.

If you failed to do this prior to the summer swim season, don't
worry, but take care of it now. Your pool will love you for it
One ounce of preventative maintenance can save you tons of money!

Just before the season kicks into full gear we complete the following service for all of our
  • Strip and clean pool filter and recharge
  • Strip, clean and lube backwash valve
  • Strip, clean and lube all directional valves
  • Service pool cleaner, checking for worn parts
  • Reset time clocks for proper filtering time
  • Balance chemicals and add pool conditioner
  • Check and add any needed mineral cartridges

The cost of this service depends on the type and amount of equipment on system. Please
contact us for your free estimate,
contact us.
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