Solar Systems
Most pools incorporate a pool heater but very few people
use them simply because of the high cost of natural gas
and propane.

Solar systems use the heat from the sun to heat your
pool and the more efficient the system, the longer your
swim season can be.

Last year we had solar installed on our pool and without
a doubt it was one of the best decisions we ever made.
Having 4 year-old twins who could not swim at the time,
we thought that we had better get some use out of our
pool. Now, because the pool is always warm, the kids
can swim like fish and they spend the best part of the day
in the pool.

Solar not only gave me a warm pool, it also gave me
peace of mind.
How a swimming pool solar system works.

The solar system is designed to efficiently take full advantage of the sun's radiant energy to
heat your swimming pool. The system is comprised of solar collectors and an automatic
control unit that work together to create a reliable and carefree heating system.

Operation is simple:

Select and set the amount of heating desired (Optional) The automatic control unit senses the
changes in both sunlight and water temperatures and diverts water to the collectors when solar
energy is available and desired to maintain pool temperature. The system functions without the
use of any additional electrical energy.
Your existing pool pump now circulates water through the solar collectors.
The solar collectors, heated by the sun, immediately warm the flowing water which is then
returned to your pool.

Who installed your solar system and who do you recommend?

By far the best solar energy company out there is SON ENERGY SOLAR SYSTEMS INC. of
Escondido. I told them exactly what I wanted, where I wanted it and when. They were very
professional and the system was up and running the same day it was installed. I highly
recommend them to any of my customers or anyone who needs more information about solar.

Please view their website, call them or e-mail them, they will be glad to give you a quote. Be
sure to mention that you are a
Pool Doctor customer and quote number 325 and you will
receive preferential treatment.

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