When it is time to resurface your pool there are many
different kinds of pool surface to select from. Plaster,
aggregate, and tile are the most common.

It is important to understand the differences between each
surface before selecting the type suitable for you.
Plaster is the most common pool surface. It requires care and maintenance to keep it in top
shape. Plaster is susceptible to staining and etching. Today there are a number of different
colors available from white to black and many in between.

Aggregate finish is like thousands of tiny stones knitted together. To feel the surface is slightly
rough. It comes in many different colors and designs with some incorporating shining stones.
Pebbletech was the first brand name for this particular surface.

Tile is a less used style surface that can be beautiful in design but less functional.

Vinyl liners and fiberglass shells are other surfaces that can be custom made to fit your

Of all the surfaces we have seen over the years, we prefer glass or Fiberglass layered, simply
because it lasts a long time and most stains clean up easily.  There have been many
companies around that have installed this type surface but one in particular stands out.
POOL SURFACING 2000 is a company that we have come to know well. We like their surfaces
and we like the way they do business, they also offer a 15 year warranty.

Visit their website (when visiting PS2000 mention to David Courey, the owner, that you are a
Pool Doctor customer and he will give you priority treatment) -  
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