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How many employees do you have?

None, but we do work closely with two other companies who we trained in the pool business.
In 1983 when we first started our company, I had to go out door to door to solicit new accounts.
Today is a different story, as our phone rings during the summer about 20 times a day, and 5 of
those calls are for new service. We obviously do not take on most of these new account calls for
a number of reasons, the main one being that we would be overworked.
A few years ago we took a different approach to our growth, and we decided to take on as many
accounts as we could get, hiring the service personnel to cover the work. We actually got the
point of having 7 trucks on the road, two of those being repair trucks. However, although it
looked like we were doing great, our expenses were very high and our customers were not
getting what they paid for. I would spend about 3 hours a week talking to customers about their
complaints and the job became very stressful. We constantly had employee problems and the
quality of service was not where we liked it.
So a few years ago, we decided to take a closer look at the way we were structured and tried a
different approach. We also were very selective for who we would work for. We would not take on
hardly any pools with cartridge filters, or pools with problems that the homeowner was not
willing to fix.
Unfortunately, the cost of doing business in California has become very expensive. We are
required by law to have a contractor’s license as well as being bonded and insured. The cost of
these qualifications alone runs into thousands of dollars annually.
There are many service companies out there who have no qualifications whatsoever. Generally
they drive dirty, untidy trucks (usually with a surf board in the bed). Many are operating illegally,
which is why they can charge a little less money each month for service.
We have no intention of becoming the biggest, just the best. The Pool Doctor always tries to stay
one step ahead of the rest, offering the best in service.

Why should we have pool service when we don’t use the pool?

Pool service is as important during the winter months as it is in the summer. Wind and rain
cause debris to enter the pool more often.
Skimmer and pump baskets fill up faster. Rain and worms play havoc with pool chemistry, and
once pool chemistry is out of balance, damage will appear on your pool surface.
The more obvious answer to this question is that the pool owner will often leave the
maintenance for a long period of time, and will find that problems arise when they try to clean or
operate the equipment. By the time they have paid for a service company to come and
solve the problem, they would have been much better off continuing professional maintenance
year round. Once the damage is done it is often irreversible.
All Pool Doctor accounts are year round which keeps the customers on a set price where new
customers will pay a higher monthly rate.

I recently read that you have to have a contractor’s license to work on pools. Is that so and
do you have one?

You bet! I have been a licensed contractor for many years. Not only that, I am also certified by the
National Pool and Spa Institute as a Certified Pool and Spa Operator. We are fully insured.
This brings up a very good point. Whenever you call a service person to do any work on your
property, you should always check to see if they have a valid contractor’s license. You can
access the Contractors Licensing Board On-line to check if any complaints have been
logged. You can also check the Better Business Bureau for the same information. We remain
as always, complaint free. Please view our
About Us page.

Is there any difference in your winter service as compared to your summer service?

Not really. But there are certain things to look for especially in pool water chemistry.
We still service all pools even in bad weather, but when it is really pouring down rain, we will
empty baskets, net debris and apply the chemicals. Weekly service is always required.

Since you don’t have employees, how do you get to so much work during the summer

We at The Pool Doctor only take on as much work as we can comfortably handle. Sometimes
during the summer our phone rings 20 or more times a day with new work. We can be choosy
and we obviously are, only taking on the work we wish to do. But once our service quota is full
we don’t take on any more accounts. We are dedicated to the customers who have been with us
year-round for many years.
We work 5 days a week doing our job well. The week-end is a time for our family.  

Since you have been in your industry many years, do you update or continue your education
as the industry changes?

Absolutely, when suppliers send us flyers and samples of their product, we do not accept their
promises until it has been proven to us.
Many manufacturers within our industry offer training. We like to attend many of these seminars,
which helps us to stay competitive.
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