We pride ourselves in all the work we do, no matter how big or small the project we are
working on. Always our aim is to solve the customers problem while vastly improving the
condition of their water, and the efficiency and operation of their equipment. We install
individual components as well as complete systems.

Below you will find some examples of jobs we have completed, both commercial and
residential with before and after photographs.

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System had poor circulation from noisy pump and inefficient cartridge filter. The plumbing leaked and the
valves were very stiff. We installed a DE Filter and Whisperflo pump, completely replumbed the system using
Compool valves. We also gained more space so the customer could install a shower stall.
Pumps on this system had trouble priming and kept running dry. Filter was the old style DE with many bolts.
Valves had seized up and backwash was broken. We installed new DE filter, 2 Whisperflo pumps, all new
valves and a tablet chlorinator. Customer also purchased a Baracuda pool cleaner and system worked
perfectly. Within 1 hour pool was crystal clear and you could hardly hear system running.
Sand filter on this commercial system was in poor condition and heater was corroded through. We installed
DE filter, Raypak digital heater, Whisperflo pump, tablet chlorinator, liquid chlorinator and replumbed entire
system to Health Department specifications using influent and effluent gauges and a flowmeter. All work
completed in the same afternoon and system worked perfectly.
Pool and spa systems had been on fire and burnt out components had been discarded. We located all lines,
cut off old plumbing and installed 2 Raypak digital heaters, 3 Whisperflo pumps, 2 DE filters, 2 tablet
chlorinators and a liquid chlorinator, rewired and replumbed entire systems using a common propane gas
line. Completed in one day!
Commercial components in this pool and spa room had been cut off and stolen. Copper lines underground
had corroded. We run new plumbing to spa and replumbed pool lines. We installed 2 Raypak digital
heaters, 3 Whisperflo pumps, 2 tablet chlorinators, a liquid chlorinator, a spa jet blower and 2 DE filters. All
work completed in one day.
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