General Questions & Information
Many people who view this website ask me why we give so
much information away?
Always my answer is in the form of a question:
Have you ever noticed that all of those websites you saved in
"your favorites" are mostly the ones offering free information?
And don't you find yourself referring back to them time and
time again?
With that in mind, our aim is to try and help everyone we meet, then and only then business
will take care of itself.

This section is geared to general questions and subjects not listed in the other pages. If you
have any other questions,
please e-mail me and I will promptly reply.

I am more of a Do-It-Yourself type of homeowner, do you offer kits for replacement of
motors or filters?

We absolutely do. If you visit our store and click on the motors and filters, you will find that we
sell complete kits for the homeowner such as yourself. The kits include all that you need in
order to rebuild the component you are working on. They even include schematics too!

Who built this website?

I personally build all our websites. The Pool Doctor and Swimming Pool Equipment Outlet are
the ones in this industry. I am working on other sites with different subject matter most of the
time. In fact, if you like this website and you are interested in having one designed for you and
your business, I will be glad to give you an estimate.

The website you are now visiting took me approximately 6 weeks to finalize and it still needs to
be monitored and have various updates inputted. If you are interested in having us build a
website for you
send me your information.

You seem to be knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, is that the same with most pool

Probably not,  but many of the more reputable companies offer a good cross section of

The first thing that you should always check on when hiring anyone to work on your home is
that they are a licensed contractor, then when you get that license number, check with the
licensing board for any complaints against the company. You can also do the same with the
Better Business Bureau. We have saved you the time. If you read
About Us all of that
information is provided for you.

In general when you hire a pool company to do both service and repair, you are hiring a "Jack
of all trades," so to speak; you have a chemical expert, a plumber, an electrician, a cleaning
technician, a programmer (electronic equipment) and much more. Just think how much it
would cost you in service call charges alone to get a crew of contractors such as those out to
your residence.

The bulb in my pool light burned out, do I have to drain my pool?

Usually not, most pool lights are installed with a cord long enough to place the light unit onto
the pool deck above the water. You then dismantle the light unit, clean it out and change the
bulb. Be sure to leave this job to a professional though as there are many things you have to
be very careful about when repairing lights.
You never cut the electrical cord or repair a cord on a light unit. They are factory sealed and the
whole unit has to be replaced if the cord or unit goes bad.
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