Electrical Timers
I think my timer is broken, how do I know?

There are many different timers on the market. If your timer is the
mechanical type made by Intermatic (picture), in the top right hand corner of
the face plate is a "Visual motor check." Look in to see if the cogs are
moving, if not your timer could be bad, but further troubleshooting is needed.
What causes a time clock to fail?

Apart from a failed time clock motor, very common causes of time clock failure are insects,
usually ants. For some reason ants tend to congregate inside the time clock box and gather on
the contacts of the timer. Sometimes they get inside the cogs of the actual timing motor
mechanism, which can ruin the timer. This can be rather expensive and is the most common
cause of time clock failure. The cogs inside the timing device are so small and intricate that a
few ants’ bodies can stop it from working forever.
A good way to prevent ants from doing this is to scatter some diazinon granules inside the time
clock box and around the pool equipment. Make sure that you refresh the granules regularly.

What is a Compool System?

A  Compool System is a more sophisticated programmable controller made by Pentair. An
actuator is installed on each of your directional valves, which can automatically turn the valves
into a required position. A computerized control panel is installed (usually in the house) where a
simple press of a button can turn on your spa system, pool system, heater and water features
like lights and water falls etc.
  We work closely with a local design engineer who custom builds controllers to suit your
needs. For example; on my controller at home, the control panel is located inside our master
bedroom, where we can set the pool temperature, turn on the spa or pool system, the fountain
and the lights. We can even phone into our controller from any outside phone, turn on the spa
and set the temperature-which works great if you are on your way home from a racquetball

If you are interested in an estimate for a custom made controller, please
e-mail us with your
specifications and requirements.
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