What is Deck-O-Seal?

There is an expansion joint around the perimeter of your
swimming pool in between your coping stones and your
pool deck. It is usually referred to as the Deck-O-Seal joint,
named after the sealant product used to fill this gap. The
sealant is a two part liquid compound which seals but
remains flexible, allowing for ground movement.
If Deck-o-seal is in poor condition, water can get down behind the pool shell and weaken the
concrete joints in between your coping stones. When the coping stones start to move, your
tile line can crack and your tiles can fall off.
The joint has to be cleaned and the old Deck-O-Seal removed. Silica sand is poured down
into the open joint, and then liquid Deck-O-Seal is poured on top of that. We then finish it with
a very fine sprinkle of sand, giving it a rough looking texture.
How do you replace Deck-O-Seal?

Deck-O-Seal replacement includes; removing the old material, preparing the gap (packing
and pouring of silica sand), mixing and neatly pouring the new material, silica sand finish
and clean up.

Colors to choose from are; white, tan, gray or black.

The cost for this service is $2.75 per foot plus materials. We take into consideration the width
and depth of the gap. Job usually takes one day to complete with 72 hours total cure time in
good weather.
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