Automatic Pool Cleaners
Which is the best automatic pool cleaner for my pool?

Occasionally customers will ask if it is necessary to have an
automatic pool cleaner, especially since they pay monthly for
pool service.
Automatic pool sweeps are a great addition to regular weekly
cleaning, but they will not do the complete job for you.
Maintaining a pool to be kept healthy and pristine is definitely a
full time job, which cannot be accomplished by a pool sweep  or
cleaner alone.
When choosing a pool sweep you should always take into account a number of factors:
•        The kind of debris that usually falls into your pool.
•        The type of equipment you currently have on your pool.
•        The surrounding area.
•        The amount of use your pool gets.
Taking into consideration all of these points will lead you to a pool cleaner that will suite your
needs. They come in all sizes, colors, styles and prices. I have been very happy with a
Baracuda sweep in my pool for a number of years. It is a suction side sweep that picks
up all different types of debris-mainly dust and small debris-and sends it either into your pump
basket, or as in my case, a floating leaf basket attached to the sweeps hoses (these are a
great addition, and save your lines from becoming blocked).
There are many different kinds of suction side sweeps on the market that range in price from
$350 - $800 and come with different warranties. One thing that you have to be aware of is that
some manufacturers make different models with the same name but a different model number
and type. This can misleading, especially when retail stores send out mailers without
mentioning model numbers.
Some suction side sweeps are Baracuda, Kreepy Krauly, Arneson Pool Vac, Arneson
Naviagator and a Polaris 340.
If your pool is plumbed for an additional sweep pump, then you could probably be in the market
for a pressure style sweep such as a Polaris or a Letro Legend.
One of the least thought about components of our swimming pool system is our pool sweep.
Pool chemicals and constant pounding of  the plaster by the sweep wear down the plastic
parts. Did you know that there is a maintenance schedule on nearly every pool sweep
on the market? Occasionally it becomes necessary to change bearings and other worn out
plastic and rubber parts inside the sweep.
Preventative maintenance will keep your sweep working at its optimum performance, ensuring
that you will get the best out of your automatic cleaning system, allowing your pool to remain
clean in between our visits.
As part of our service, we will keep a close eye on your pool sweep for you, letting you know if
and when anything needs to be done. If you purchase a pool sweep from us it automatically
includes installation in any of our service areas.

What do I look for when the sweep stops working?

How many times have you walked out to the pool and noticed that your sweep is either
malfunctioning or has stopped completely? We see this many times, but some things to check
for are these:
Problem - Sweep only covers the same area of the pool.
1. Try reversing the hoses - the sweep end to the skimmer and the skimmer end to the sweep.
2. Add or subtract hoses.
3. Adjust hose weights.
4. Watch the video or read the instructions for troubleshooting that come with your manual.
Problem - Sweep does not move.
1. Check and empty pump basket.
2. Check head of sweep to make sure that nothing is blocking it.
3. Check hoses to see if any are punctured or are not connected correctly.
4. Backwash or clean filter.
We always check your sweep on our normal weekly call, but these pointers above could be of
some help in between our calls. Like everything, sweeps do wear out and will need replacing
at times.

Why does my sweep seem to work better in the summer than in the winter?

In warmer water rubber is more flexible than in colder water. The diaphragm of the Baracuda is
made from rubber and is constantly opening and closing in order to pick up debris. A slight
increase in suction in the winter usually will solve this problem.

How and where can I find out more about automatic pool cleaners?

Visit our store, in particular the automatic pool cleaner section, which is filled with different style
sweeps at bargain prices. Some even offer rebates!
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