Child Safety
Every year just as swimming season kicks in, you can guarantee that one of the
first news stories to hit the papers is the one about a drowning child.

When are we going to learn?

You cannot leave children alone around water.
Remember these pointers:
  • There should always be at least one adult supervising children around the pool. That
    adult should not be consuming alcoholic beverages, sleeping, reading magazines or
    sunbathing. It is very much like the designated driver. You the adult are responsible for
    preventing your children from drowning.
  • Water should be clear and you should be able to see the bottom easily.
  • No one should swim after ingesting food, wait about 1 hour.
  • No running around the pool. Diving and horseplay should be avoided.
  • Keep the pool fenced and the gate closed, and keep the key and its hiding place away
    from children.
  • Establish and enforce pool safety rules for pool users.
  • Always put toys away after pool has been used. Many times it is the favorite toy floating
    in a pool that entices the little ones.
  • Do not pile toys or other things against the pool fence, sometimes they can be used as
    a ladder.
  • Know where your children are at all times.
  • Never assume someone else is watching your children.
  • If your child is missing, check the pool first.
  • Keep rescue equipment near the pool.
  • Do not rely on inflatable toys and aids as these can give a false sense of security.
  • Always have a telephone nearby and teach everyone the emergency number 911.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Never consider your child to be pool safe or drown proof even after they can swim.
  • Select your lifeguard carefully, preferably one that is CPR certified, First aid trained,\ and
    a trained lifeguard.
  • We recommend professional instruction for your children such as Lori Kilmer - check
    out her services at
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