Acid Washes
How do you know when to acid wash?

Acid washing is an inexpensive route to take in order
to improve the cosmetic appearance of your pool.
When a pool is acid washed, the water is drained out
of it and the acid/water mixture is very carefully
poured over the plaster, where it is scrubbed into the
surface. By doing this, the acid mixture burns a very
slight coating of the plaster off, improving the finish
and getting rid of superficial and shallow staining. It
is a great way to make your pool look refreshed again.
However, it is crucial to know when not to acid wash a pool. If rebar stains are obvious and if
plaster is chipping off around steps and in corners, this usually signals a red flag. In this
instance, it would be better to save the money and apply it to a complete
resurface of the pool
in the future.

On our initial visit to your property, we will properly assess
whether or not your pool should be acid washed. Things that
we look for are plaster fatigue, rebar stains, calcium and
general plaster condition.

If your pool is a good candidate and suitable for an acid
wash, we neutralize the pool chemicals, drain the pool with
our submersable pump, acid wash and scrub the pool and
tile line, refill, adding conditioner and balancing the

Time from start to finish to complete this work is about 3
days, one day to drain, one day to complete the labor and
one day to fill and balance the chemicals. It is always a good
idea to have the pool filter stripped and cleaned for the new

The cost for this service depends on the size and condition
of the pool, and whether or not the filter is torn down.

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